MeeGo Roadmap Tips No CDMA Or LTE Support Until Oct 2011

If the current state of MeeGo 1.1 failed to impress you, perhaps something on the company's roadmap will stand out more. Unwired View's Staska is at the MeeGo Conference 2010, where they've just shown a slide detailing timescales for future builds of the open-source OS. MeeGo 1.2, for instance, is due in April 2011, while v1.2 is targeted for October with LTE and CDMA support.

MeeGo 1.2 will tidy up a lot of the complaints from current builds, including adding support for device cameras. It'll also add in Office viewers, a package manager, backup and restore functionality, platform security and firmware for sharing and policy.

MeeGo's 1.3 aims, though, would suggest that we won't be seeing CDMA devices – such as for Verizon or Sprint – running the OS until Q4 2011 at the earliest, though it seems more likely that the first handsets would show up in early 2012. That leaves GSM as the initial playground for MeeGo – little surprise, given Nokia's involvement and huge investment in GSM devices – though even then it's unclear when, exactly, we can expect the first devices to launch.