MeeGo 1.2 released for phones, tablets, netbooks & in-car kit

MeeGo 1.2 has been released, with support for Intel Atom and ARMv7 based devices including phones, tablets, netbooks and in-vehicle systems. The updated OS includes broad telephony and connectivity support, such as HSPA+, WiFi/Bluetooth/USB tethering and VPN, along with various sensor and haptic feedback APIs.

Meanwhile, the MeeGo team says it's targeting an October 2011 release for v1.3. You can get a sneak preview of what might be in there by browsing theĀ MeeGo Featurezilla list; it includes various NFC systems along with improved graphics acceleration and more.

The MeeGo Conference 2011 takes place later this month. We're expecting to see tablet and smartphone hardware from LG, though whether Nokia will bring along its first MeeGo device remains to be seen.

[via My Nokia Blog; image from our MeeGo tablet UI preview]