LG MeeGo smartphone and tablet demo coming next month

I hardly think I am alone in thinking that when Nokia pretty much abandoned MeeGo to tie up with Windows Mobile that MeeGo was dead. As it turns out MeeGo is still alive and kicking and LG is apparently going to be showing off a tablet that runs the OS along with a smartphone really soon. Whether or not the devices will be cool enough to grab any attention remains to be seen. I have strong doubts in a world dominated by iOS and Android.

LG doesn't have definite plans to launch a MeeGo device that consumers can actually buy, but that isn't stopping them from showing off a bit. LG will be showing off the OS on a few prototype devices inside at least one smartphone and a tablet. Does the thought of MeeGo on a tablet or smartphone really interest any of you? I find the thought very "meh" in all honesty.

The prototype gear will be shown off at the MeeGo conference in San Francisco next month. If these things are ever going to come to market this conference would be the place LG should fess up. The hardware inside the prototype gear will reportedly be Intel sourced, which makes sense considering Intel is the big dog for the project after Nokia went to Microsoft. I wonder if the tablet OS will look like the concept that surfaced in March.

[via Engadget]