Marvel, Sony, Paramount to skip SDCC

This morning it's become apparent that SDCC isn't the place to be for three of the world's biggest names in comic book-based entertainment. Marvel, Sony, and Paramount Pictures have all confirmed that they will not be making presentations at San Diego Comic Con 2015. While it's not unheard of that one of these three might not show, it's unprecedented that the entire trio won't be revealing news at the world's biggest comic event. Is this a sign that the convention is no longer the place to make massive announcements?

This isn't the first time we've seen this sort of thing happen – and not just in the entertainment industry. We've seen major conventions rise, fall, then rise again with big-name brands and big-name presentations.

Take for instance our feature "Technology conventions aren't dying – they're evolving."

That was written back in the year 2013 when Mobile World Congress had a bit of an off-year when it came to big-name brand presentations. HTC brought a device they'd already announced and Samsung only showed off a new tablet.

Since then, the biggest event during the yearly worldwide mobile tech convention has been Samsung, no contest. HTC also has its own special event during the week with several new devices each year.

They came back in full force, that is to say.

According to one spokesperson from Marvel Studios speaking with Variety this week, their non-attendance in a Hall H presentation this year at SDCC "wasn't a knock against Comic-Con, the film cycles just didn't allow it."

Simple as that.