Mandalorian says “unexpected surprises and timelines” incoming

Chris Burns - Jan 22, 2021, 1:50pm CST
Mandalorian says “unexpected surprises and timelines” incoming

This week Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal answered a few questions about the future of Star Wars. Given the tail end of the Mandalorian Season 2, questions about the character’s past were inevitable. According to Pascal, “as much as he says this is the way, that doesn’t mean this is the only way.”

Pascal spoke this week with Indiewire about the way, and the potential various ways the Mandalorian might go in the future. “I find it fascinating playing with that,” said Pascal. “We don’t know what he ends up being. He took his helmet off in a room full of people.”

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Pascal responded to questions about the future of the Mandalorian’s main character Din Djarin, and whether he’ll appear in upcoming spinoff series. “I am told what’s happening and what the plan is, but I can’t share it,” said Pascal. Normally that’s the point at which a Star Wars actor stops speaking, for fear that they’d be captured in an ewok net and carried away to the Spice Mines of Kessel. But Pascal kept speaking.

“They are in the expansion of this world, where there are so many unexpected surprises and timelines that are going to be dealt with.” said Pascal. “If the character were to cross over into these worlds, it will be utilized in a way that isn’t meant to be expected.”

Notice the way Pascal phrased that – he began with “if” and ended with “it will.” If I were a betting man, I’d bet Pascal’s already been given some direction on the way in which Din Djarin will be used and/or will appear in other Star Wars series on Disney+ in the future.

“I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise of whether or not characters from the show we already know are crossing over,” said Pascal. Cross your fingers for goodness!

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