Mamiya DM22 and DM28 DSLRs: sub-$10k "entry-level"

Double-take time again, when a press release drops happily proclaiming "digital camera for under $10k", but when the manufacturer is Mamiya and the DSLR is the Mamiya DM22 you know you're onto something special.  Hot on the heels of their DM33 and DM56 cameras comes an "entry level" model, packing 22-megapixels, a vast 48 x 36mm sensor and an ISO range of 25 – 400.

For that, Mamiya will charge you a mere $9,995.  Your money may not get whiz-bang features like we've seen on recent high-profile launches from Nikon and Canon, but you get true 16-bit/channel RAW images and a modular build that lets you switch out the included Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 D Series lens for any of the company's AF focal plane series lenses.

Mamiya also have a second entry-level model new today, the DM28, delivering 28-megapixels and an ISO range of 50 – 800.  The Mamiya DM28 comes in at $14,990.  Both cameras include Phase One's Capture One and Leaf Capture software for processing those juicy RAW files.

Press Release:

Mamiya Debuts DM22 Digital Camera for under $10K

Elmsford, NY – October 20, 2009 – Mamiya, synonymous with professional photography, has introduced a new 22MP, 36x48mm digital camera selling for $9,995. The Mamiya DM22, slated for November delivery, is the perfect choice for photographers when 35mm-sized DSLRs are not good enough. In fashion work, studio product photography, industrial/scientific or other demanding photographic specialties, medium format photography is in many people's eyes hands-down the winner over 35mm-based digital. The DM22 is the affordable way to achieve that superiority.

"For years, many professional photographers have been relegated to consumer-like DSLR systems, simply due to the high cost of recognized pro-level digital equipment," says Mamiya Product Marketing Manager Mike Edwards. "This new camera features a premium-quality 22 megapixel sensor, and true 16bit/channel RAW files, resulting in richly detailed images that leave a vibrant and lasting impression for both the photographer and client. We recognize photographers' need to deliver exceptional quality photographs, along with an impression of professionalism, which a 35mm-sized DSLR cannot present. Files can be processed using either of the included software solutions: Capture One™ by Phase One or Leaf Capture™, or photographers can choose to use Adobe Lightroom™ (not included) allowing the widest variety of professional processing software options available. This is definitely an opportunity to put the finest technology to work at a most affordable price."

The new camera has an estimated street price of $9,995. It's being introduced at the same time as the Mamiya DM28, with a street price of $14,990. Both cameras come with the sharp Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 D Series lens, focal plane shutter, and are fully compatible with any Mamiya AF focal plane series lens. In addition, they can be used with older 645MF and Hasselblad lenses (via #310-244 adapter), both in stop-down mode.

Both the DM22 and DM28 feature Mamiya's new Guaranteed Trade-Up Program, which offers purchasers of new Mamiya digital products the peace of mind of knowing they can safely choose the right product for their specific needs.

The DM22 features a 48x36mm sensor, 5356x4056 pixels, and an ISO range of 25-400. The RAW file is the Mosaic format, HDR-type, with 16 bits/channel and a dynamic range of 12 f/stops. Image storage is either on a CF card or via FireWire™. The DM28 is identical except its sensor is 44x33mm, 6144x4622 pixels, and an ISO range of 50-800.