magicJack $20 unlimited VoIP reviewed

Chris Davies - Jan 28, 2008

We first saw magicJack all the way back in October, where we managed to kick off an argument about truth in advertising in the comments; now PC Magazine have got one of the adaptors in for review, to see whether YMax’s claims are true.  To recap, the magicJack device is a matchbox-sized gizmo with a USB plug on one end (to go into your computer) and a standard RJ-11 phone jack on the other, into which you plug a standard landline phone.  The big selling point is unlimited national calls for $20 a year.


magicJack software

PC Magazine seem surprisingly impressed: rating magicJack 4.5 out of 5, they praise it for the great sound quality, broad selection of options such as voicemail and call-waiting, e911 compatibility and – for a $10 fee – the ability to port your existing landline number over to the magicJack service.

I’d be very interested to know if magicJack are considering bringing the service to the UK; considering how heated the previous comments got, I’m sure someone will tell me soon!

[via jkontherun]

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