MagicJack - Too good to be true?

Have you ever seen those things on TV that look too good to be true? You know the kind, they promise to give you the magical ability to clean any surface just my wiping it with a sponge. Here's one that's looks to be just about too good to be true.

The MagicJack is a dongle that plugs into an available USB port on your computer. You can then plug in any old phone and make unlimited local and long distance phone calls. That doesn't sound too far-fetched, right? Well the cost for the service is only $20 a year, and the first year is free. But, if you call in within the next 30 minutes you'll get a free magic nose hair trimmer. Yea, so I made up that last bit, but you get the drift.

The MagicJack itself will set you back $40, and the service even gives you a local phone number to use. I say this sounds too good to be true, but until someone gets their hands on one to review, we can't be completely sure. I wouldn't exactly hole my breath.

MagicJack: Apply Directly to the USB Port [via crunchgear]

NOTE: Many people seems to have problem with MagicJack especially when it comes to customer services. I also finds it fishy and unethical for MagicJack's reseller come in and post absurd comments on this article.