Machine56's Borderlands jacket: fandom on your sleeve

Can't get enough Borderlands in your life? Machine56 has designed another piece of apparel based on the video game, and with it comes a distinct design decked out with "Maliwan" typed vertically up the back. The jacket includes a hood and is made with waterproof materials, which means it can double (or triple, as it were) as a rain jacket and a hoodie. Adding to it, the jacket is Gearbox licensed, and is available in several sizes to ensure just about anyone can fit.

The jacket is currently available through 5060, and is said to be made with sublimated prints and three layers of material (the outer one obviously being the waterproof material). Once the device becomes available, buyers will have a seven day wait while the order is printed and processed. Likewise, the jacket is available in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL.

Of course, this isn't the only themed product we've seen — just about any series, show, game, or movie has its own themed products, and they span the gamut. There's the Star Wars knife block, for example, which adds a touch of otherness to your kitchen.

There's also the Death Star area rug, the R2-D2 kitchen timer, and the fallen AT-AT lawn decoration. Do you enjoy odd gadgets? If so, be sure to check out our related portal!

SOURCE: Kotaku