R2-D2 Kitchen Timer helps keep dinner from burning

The Star Wars gear available for your kitchen is expanding, and now includes a handy R2-D2 timer for those times it's extra important not to burn dinner. This joins the X-Wing Knife Block that is set to arrive early next month from The Fowndry.

The R2-D2 Kitchen Timer is available now from ThinkGeek for $20 USD, and it works much in the way you'd expect: crank the head around, and it'll slowly turn back around, ticking past tiny minute marks on the base of the "dial".

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The kitchen timer is an officially licensed product, and measures in at 4- x 5- x 2.25-inches, with small rubber feet to keep it from slipping and scratching your kitchen counters. The alarm is set to ring for a solid five seconds once the time has run out.

The timer has a 60 for winding back the timing mechanism, after which point the time can be set. This follows the limited edition Death Star rug that was revealed earlier this month — these will run you quite a bit more, however.

VIA: Gizmodo