MacBook Pro 2012 GameStop sales tip Apple gaming future

Chris Burns - May 14, 2012, 1:20pm CDT
MacBook Pro 2012 GameStop sales tip Apple gaming future

Back a few weeks ago when it was rumored that Apple CEO Tim Cook was visiting Valve, we wrote up an article which tipped what we suspect here in May once again: a full-fledged OS X gaming push. Here in May we’re to understand that the MacBook Pro 2012 model will be sold at GameStop stores across the nation. Could this be Apple’s big push for gaming on the OS X desktop operating system environment, at long last?

What GameStop is getting prepped to do here in 2012, according to the tips being spread like wildfire across these internets, is selling MacBook Pros in both new and used condition starting with the next big refresh of the line this summer. This release will play on the success of the iOS line of devices in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as gaming platforms with the MacBook Pro being the ultimate similarity in the gaming universe. Once device, one necessity for creating new games, one perfect platform for GameStop.

What we have not seen thus far is an extremely large amount of support from Apple for gaming on their desktop computers at all, this despite the fact that many gaming networks have adopted the Mac as a viable place to release such titanic games as Portal 2 and the new Diablo III (coming out this week). Now with gaming moving rapidly away from console games (or so some would have you believe) and toward the mobile world, Apple will attempt to grab at the PC world to harness some of the same success they’ve found in the mobile world with iOS.

Expect GameStop to be a big proponent of this new wave of gaming finesse being shown by Apple in the MacBook Pro 2012 without a doubt. Expect developers of giant games to be invited to show off their wares at the MacBook Pro 2012 refresh event this summer and for these games to take off into outer space the way each of the iPad event presenters games and apps have in the past. Gaming on the horizon, Apple style!

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7 Responses to MacBook Pro 2012 GameStop sales tip Apple gaming future

  1. It almost seems like a failure.  Several of my friends have Macs that they “game” on.  After a while, it sounds like a jet trying to take off and their computers just get ridiculously hot.

    The problem is, primarily the MacBook lineup, is that there is really no way for the computer to cool off.  It’s super thin and essentially NO air vents to cool the computer. (having air vents in the hinge of the display does NOT count as cooling for the computer. It’s like having a window that is blocked)But I guess now “gaming” is now becoming the hip and cool thing to do.

    • You know, you’re right about the problem with heating and the fan.  I just play some “casual” Windows-only games via Parallels on my Mac, and the amount of heat generated (and noise of the fan) is alarming.  Hopefully it’s something they’re addressing in their forward-facing designs.

    • You realize that this is the new macbook pro and they are changing things to make it better for gaming (if this article is right). Just because the previous macbook wasn’t good for gaming doesn’t mean this one won’t be. 

    • Ha yeah hoover mode they do overheat big time Macs in games after 30 minutes or so. Even the iPads/iPhones become very hot in games. Apple evidently just does not design and test for gaming very much at all. 

      Apple have a great deal of work to do in gaming. They will NEVER win over the hobby gamers who frequent PC shops and build their own set-ups but they can support games better for the casual players who buy Macs for sure. It is not about NEW markets it is about being better in the CURRENT market for the CURRENT users.

      It is one of the biggest reasons to buy MS over Apple for many people. So yes Apple should invest some of those billions they have in improving gaming support and encouraging third party developers to get games on OSX. They have done some good work on iOS with gaming so it can be done.

  2. Gaming
    laptops for noobs? A real gamer will never buy a Mac for gaming unless he is ok
    low textures details and no effects, then its ok.

  3. Relax people,the writer is talking about the upcoming MacBook Pro.Never judge until you get your hands on it.

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