MacBook Air To Be Revamped With Black Aluminum?

Apple's next-generation MacBook Airs are reportedly getting ready on the runway for a launch before the end of this month. However, other reports suggest the new ultraportable notebooks may be kept on hold to launch with OS X Lion, which isn't due until July. Either way, they're fast approaching and tips are suggesting now that when they do arrive, they could be offered with a premium black finish.

The new MacBook Airs will be revamped with Intel's latest Sandy Bridge chips and the speedy 10Gbps Thunderbolt connector port. And much like the MacBook Pro and iMac revamps earlier this year, the overall exterior of the new MacBook Air should remain relatively unchanged. The only difference now may be a new color option.

According to tipsters from MacRumors, Apple may offer "at least some models" of the new MacBook Air with a specially anodized black aluminum case. This new finish will likely be reserved for only the top-end MacBook Air, similar to how Apple used to offer a black high-end MacBook on top of the standard white Macbooks. This information hasn't been confirmed, but MacRumors says that multiple sources have reported the claim to them in the last few days.

[via MacRumors]