MacBook Air 13-inch gets a big price cut, is now $799 new

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 6, 2017, 7:28 pm CDT
MacBook Air 13-inch gets a big price cut, is now $799 new

If you dream of owning a MacBook Air, now is as good a time as any to pick one up. While used and refurbished models are still the cheapest options, nothing beats buying new, and that makes Best Buy’s recent price cut a great incentive. The retailer recently slashed the 13-inch MacBook Air’s price down to $799 USD, and that’s for a new model with 8GB of memory and an Intel i5 processor. The ‘open box’ models are even cheaper.

MacBook Air 13-inch Review (mid-2013)

It wasn’t too long ago that Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro laptops, and there’s a lot to like about them: USB-C, the fancy new Touch Bar, and their powerful hardware options. Not everyone needs something as powerful as a MacBook Pro, though, and so there’s the alternative 12-inch MacBook, a likewise new (-ish) model with USB-C and a much thinner body.

Not everyone likes the lack of ports, though, and the 12-inch MacBook is still pretty pricey, turning many people off. That’s where the MacBook Air comes in, offering the best of both worlds with its thin and light body, its increasingly classic design, and its larger array of ports, including an SD card slot and a couple of ordinary USB ports. Joining that is the crazy 12 or so hours of battery run time you’ll get on a charge, enough to get you an extra-long work day.

There are some things to dislike about this 13-inch MacBook Air, of course. The lack of Retina is one of them, and the Intel i5 processor may not be appealing to certain users. For the ordinary person, though — for students, writers, photographers, academics, and more — this hardware is more than adequate enough for an everyday laptop. The notebook was priced at $999 USD, but as of now Best Buy has it listed for $799 USD, a $200 price drop.

SOURCE: Best Buy

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