Mac Pro rack servers make lego-like array with MacStadium

The folks at MacStadium have officially made public their intent to bring the 2013 edition of the Mac Pro into the server fold. This means you'll see arrays like what they've presented in the hero image of this article complete with the side-standing airflow they're implying might be best. The first setup suggested by the company here well before the Mac Pro's newest edition is made available is a 270 Mac Pro server rack.

This POD will host so many Mac Pros at once you won't know what to do with all the processor power. This first setup will have MacStadium stacking Mac Pros on their side 15 units tall, 9 across, and 2 deep. Connectivity will include Gigabit Ethernet, of course, with 50 GB/s network speeds for a next-generation solution for businesses of many types.

This setup of 270 Mac Pro units will sit in a space no larger than 12 square feet – much better than the current much-more-massive amount of space the previous generation Mac Pro units would – and have been – taking up.

For those of you that want to know more about the machine itself, be sure to check out our SlashGear 101: Mac Pro 2013.

The actual service here allows for users to work with their own Mac Pro – sending it in for collocation – or with a rented Mac Pro array. With each Mac Pro able to connect to a vast number of bits and pieces on its own in the home, it'll be strange to see so many used in so small a space out in a datacenter like we will with MacStadium. But so bet it! This tower will become real later this year!