Lyft for Work lets companies issue ride credits to workers

Lyft has rolled out a new service option called "Lyft for Work" presenting businesses with the ability to give employees a set amount of credits to pay for riding to and from work (and other work-related places). The benefits to this are both big and small. On the individual-rider side of things, hassle with keeping receipts and getting reimbursed for rides later on is eliminated. On a city-wide level, Lyft hopes shared rides will reduce road congestion that results from commuters each driving in an empty car.

Lyft for Work is straightforward: business partners can assign their employees a monthly credit balance, which those employees then use to pay for rides to work, or to nearby public transit stops, or to work-related locations like event sites and conferences.

Businesses are given different parameters they can set for the use of those credits, such as only allowing them to be used in certain blocks of time and only in certain geographic regions. As one example given, a company that keeps workers after-hours can give them credits that are only available after 8pm or whenever it is they get off.

This is joined by individual credit codes for situations in which they're applicable, such as paying for a recruit or other visitor. The Lyft for Work service is available for companies as of today. If this sounds familiar, it's because Uber recently launched the same sort of program.