Lurid retro Casio watches hit Tokyoflash

If you're looking for distinctive watches then Tokyoflash is likely on your shortlist, and the company have just announced a few limited edition designs courtesy of Casio and Riki Watanabe.  The Casio range includes a re-release of their 80s Databank watches, only now in some eye-watering colors – together with the endearingly-chunky Casio Cubic Puzzle 3171 shown here.

As for the Riki Watanabe design, that's a little more subtle (as long as you ignore the peach and lime color versions) but still pretty distinctive.  It retails for $117.97, while the Casio models range from $89.56 for the Cubic Puzzle through to $163.42 for some new DualShock models.

As for Tokyoflash themselves, we're told they've been busily working on a new Bluetooth product based on the fruits of their research earlier this year.  That's tipped to arrive sometime next month.