Lucid Hands-on with LG’s 2012 User Interface

Chris Burns - Apr 6, 2012
Lucid Hands-on with LG’s 2012 User Interface

You’re not dreaming, this is indeed the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Lucid by LG, and we are definitely taking a peek at its lovely user interface created by LG for the 2012 Spring season. Here in the first half of 2012, LG is providing us with a set of controls on this device (which is available now at Verizon, mind you) which allow control over your homescreens, separations between your apps in your app drawer, and a few bonuses – like the most obviously amazing widget ever created for Android. Let’s have another look here at this top end of mid-range Android LG smartphone.

For those of you looking for a full review of the LG Lucid, aka Lucid by LG, you can take a peek at the post entitled Lucid by LG Review. Those of you who’ve already seen the review we’ve got of this device, do carry on – have another look here below! LG has over the past few years been changing the way they address LG little by little. The current iteration is made for what appears to be the office business professional due to its ability to set you up with several interface profiles, each of them with different home screens that contain different apps and widgets.

With these several faces for your Android experience, you’ll have total control over what you’re seeing at any given part of your day. You can even set timers on these different looks at your device based on when you switch from home to work or from school to play. Then there’s the apps drawer: LG takes the divide and conquer approach to the always daunting apps drawer that’s plagued the lover of massive amounts of Android apps for years. They’ve got separaters between categories as well as downloads, each of them expandable or collapsable on command.

Then there’s the widget – you’ll see it right away when you watch the hands-on video. It’s a phone dialer that sits on your home screen. Finally you can do away with the pesky tapping of the icon in your apps tray and just swipe over to the screen that gives you the same abilities as the built-in app! Now if only Google would integrate a widget like this for all Androids – maybe someday!

You can now pick up the Lucid by LG at Verizon Wireless $79.99 on a 2-year contract if you buy it online – a deal!

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