Love it or hate it, you have no choice but to download iOS 7

Apple's iOS 7 has been a lightning rod of controversy over the last week. The operating system has been called the very best mobile software Apple has ever released by the company's hardcore fans, while those who aren't so quick to sing its praises say that it has much room for improvement.Of course, that there's some backlash isn't all that surprising. Apple's iOS 7 is a major departure from the previous operating system, featuring an all-new design, new visual effects, and new functions. The operating system was crafted by Jonathan Ive, and by the look of things, Apple is going in whatever direction he chooses in the future.

And unfortunately for all of those people that don't want to use iOS 7, they have to go in the direction Ive chooses, too.

There's no debating that Apple's iOS 7 needs some work. But there's also no debating that the company will force anyone and everyone to eventually download its latest operating system and jump on its bandwagon. Granted, Apple won't do it forcefully, but with each new device it sells, there will be only one operating system choice. And by pressuring developers to support its latest OS, users might eventually decide it's the right move to jump to iOS 7.

[aquote]Apple makes it practically impossible to stay with an outdated OS[/aquote]

When Apple announced recently that 200 million people had already migrated to iOS 7, it was no surprise. The company has been having all kinds of luck over the years getting people to its latest operating systems. There are some who will always try out the latest and greatest thing, while in other cases, Apple makes it practically impossible to stay with outdated operating systems.

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Apple's future success requires that its users switch to iOS 7, iOS 8, and every version that comes after them. The company wants people to use its latest operating systems so they feel comfortable buying new hardware and developers deliver the very best experiences for the latest platforms. Apple, in other words, has a vested interest in getting you to jump at the chance to use its next operating system. And as history has shown, it'll stop at nothing to get you there.

Siri in iOS 7:

Perhaps that's why the company's been mum on all of the complaints surrounding iOS 7. Sure, there are people around the globe looking to downgrade and still others that are seeing the outcry and deciding it's not a good time to download, but Apple is simply biding its time. The company knows that eventually – through hardware, software, or simply a person's desire to buy a new iPhone – it'll get them to switch.

It's a nice idea to be able to fight back against the corporate machine and stick with something that the overlords don't want us to use. But time and again, we fall into the trap eventually. And whether we like it or not, we'll all be using iOS 7 and its future iterations at one point or another.

Sorry, but it's the simple truth.

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