Lotus Evija configurator utilizes gaming software and powerful graphics

The Lotus Evija is Britain's first-ever all-electric hypercar. And to give potential buyers a taste of what's to come, Lotus gave us a sneak peek of the Evija's hi-tech configurator powered by advanced gaming software and crisp graphics. Least to say, this Lotus Evija configurator is among the best we've seen for a production car, and it's one of the most innovative ways to spec your $2.1-million hypercar.

When buying a standard car, the usual procedure is to go to a dealership and buy/lease the car. In some cases, you can spec the vehicle online and the dealership will do the rest. But since we're talking about a limited-edition megabuck speed demon, Lotus came up with a special configurator that reminds us of our favorite racing games like Gran Turismo and Forza.

Lotus is only making 130 examples of the Evija, but this didn't stop the company from creating a unique configurator for its discerning buyers. Production of the Evija at the Lotus factory in Hethel, UK won't commence until the end of this year, but customers can expect delivery of a touchscreen-enabled tablet computer to spec their respective Evijas.

"We know every customer journey will be unique and our highly experienced customer relations team is ready to support any requests," said Simon Clare, Executive Director, Global Marketing at Lotus. "With state-of-the-art digital tools such as the new configurator, we can accommodate customer preferences and requirements from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button."

With it, buyers can view high-definition renderings of the Evija. Using a special imaging technique called 'ray-tracing', potential customers can place the vehicle into multiple destinations and environments around the world. According to Lotus, this allows buyers to see how the vehicle looks when exposed to localized sunlight.

Of course, every aspect of the Evija is open to bespoke customization options. This includes the paint color, interior trim, dashboard materials, wheel types, and even smaller details like the seat inserts – all of which are presented in photo-realistic precision. In short, the configurator allows buyers to personalize the vehicle from every aspect and visualize it from any perceivable angle.

But the special buying experience doesn't stop there. When the customization process is complete, Lotus will create a personalized 360-degree fly-through video of the car. And since no Evijas are built the same, the film is exclusive to each customer. Also, Lotus will send buyers a 'unique gift' at regular intervals during the build process.

And if that's not enough, potential buyers will also receive a hand-crafted build book with high-resolution images of the Evija during the actual build process. This book will the given to the customer along with the Evija's key upon delivery.

The Lotus Evija is one of the most hotly anticipated electric hypercars to grace the planet. It's not only a looker, but it has the performance to back up its aero-inspired styling. It has four electric motors producing a combined output of 1,972 horsepower (2,000 PS) and 1,253 pound-feet of torque. It also has a mid-mounted 2,000 kW lithium-ion battery pack good for 250-270 miles of range.