Looxcie live video streaming hits iOS, Android, and Facebook

The folks at Looxcie have brought their fabulous mobile-connected streaming camera abilities to iOS and Android devices this week along with Facebook too! This update brings the Looxcie streaming video environment out to your smartphone – no longer requiring that you use the Looxcie Bluetooth Video Camera device – and also connects you with a new Facebook app to make the whole experience perfectly simple and smooth!

One of the most fabulous parts of this whole situation is the fact that it not only brings Looxcie camera abilities to the camera that's already on your smartphone, it also allows you to continue using your Looxcie device if you wish. Users with smartphones using iOS 5.0 or newer or Android 2.1 or newer are invited to join in on the fun with a variety of abilities. This app update also brings on 480p resolution video streaming with 15 frames per second to back it up!

The mobile app works with AAC LC audio and is able to accept or play calls in the middle of a stream – your streaming video will simply stop, allowing you to make the call, and continue once you're ready to keep cruising. The Facebook app then works to allow anyone using the social network to see your streams from the mobile app – this includes both live broadcasts and recorded broadcasts as well. Both the mobile app and the Facebook app also have Community Channels so you can browse public live videos at any time, and you can connect with friends streams in both environments as well.

Video quality is automatically adjusted based on your internet connection and is optimized to look as great as it can, whatever your connection. You'll be able to work with Push to Talk to speak to anyone making a broadcast, and text chat works inside your window as well. This app has notifications that tell you if a friend has invited you to a stream, and all connections are able to be handled by Facebook – add em all!

Both the Facebook app and the Looxcie app for both iOS and Android will be out immediately if not soon. We've had a peek at the Looxcie Android app several months ago and have tried out the new version here before the launch – things are definitely looking up! This company is set to expand exponentially now that they're diving in to the mobile space without hardware restrictions – so to speak – now we've got to see if a Looxcie streaming universe is what the people want!