Logitech Revue teardown reveals the inevitable

Chris Davies - Oct 25, 2010, 6:40am CDT
Logitech Revue teardown reveals the inevitable

It’s not so much a rite of passage, now, but an honor to be considered geekily-cool enough to be subject to an iFixit teardown, and latest to splay its circuits across the test bench is the Logitech Revue.  The standalone Google TV STB has given up its secrets quite readily, with plenty of standard Phillips-head screws and generally standard connectors.

We say secrets, but it’s not like we’ve not seen what’s going on inside the Revue before.  The STB passed through the FCC a few months back, giving us a glimpse of the nettop-style guts provided by Gigabyte.  It’s all based around Intel’s CE4150 1.2GHz processor, but otherwise is basically a regular nettop with some home entertainment-friendly connectors.

Overall, iFixit give the Revue 8 out of 10 for repair-friendliness, though the fact that all the main components are fixed to the one motherboard – and thus can’t be individually replaced – gets a thumbs-down.  More hardware details and photos over at iFixit.

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