Logitech Circle 2 camera adds support for Apple HomeKit

Logitech has announced that its relatively new Circle 2 security camera will soon be getting support for Apple HomeKit. This new team up between Logitech and Apple goes deeper than just an update for new and existing Circle 2 cameras, as it also means that Apple Stores across the US and Europe will soon begin selling the Circle 2 camera and at least some of its accessories.

In a post to the Logitech blog today, the company explains that this HomeKit update is for the Circle 2 Wired camera and mount. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to view a live stream from your camera on your Apple devices, whether that's an iPhone, iPad, or even an Apple Watch when you're on the same WiFi network as the camera.

You can view live feeds remotely too, but you'll need to be using an Apple TV or an iPad set up as a home hub. You'll be able to summon that feed using Siri voice commands, and you can also have the camera send notifications to your iPhone or iPad when it catches activity. Essentially, it's the same kind of functionality we'd expect from IoT smart home devices, only with an Apple flavor.

Logitech has been busy ever since launching the Circle 2 back in June. Just a couple of weeks after launch, Logitech rolled out Amazon Echo Show support for the camera, and now this HomeKit update gives users even more options. This is likely just the beginning too, as we can probably bet on seeing more functionality roll out to new IoT ecosystems soon.

HomeKit functionality is going live today in the Circle 2. If you're an existing Circle 2 user, instructions on how to update your camera to support HomeKit can be found in Logitech's FAQ. We'll see the Circle 2 and some accessories begin appearing on Apple Store shelves sometime in October, so keep an eye out for those.