Logitech announces Keyboard Folio for iPads

Brian Sin - Mar 26, 2013, 12:26pm CDT
Logitech announces Keyboard Folio for iPads

Logitech has just announced it next line-up of keyboards designed for Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. The new keyboard will take the typing experience that users loved from Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and “add an extra layer of protection.” The new Keyboard Folio will protect your iPad while also offering you a typing experience that transcends that of the iPad’s on-screen keyboard.

The Keyboard Folio will have magnets to ensure your Folio is fully closed and that your device is safe. The keyboard will also feature full-size keys, so that you can adapt quickly to the accessory and shell out emails, messages, and search queries painfully easy. The keyboard also has shortcuts designed for the iPad that will allow you to do a lot more without having to lift your hands. You can also adjust the angle of your Folio to your preference. You can fold your Folio to hide the keyboard, or you can prop up the stand to enjoy a full keyboard typing experience.

The keyboard, like all other Folio keyboards, connects to your iPad device through Bluetooth. The Keyboard Folio will also wake up your iPad when you open it, and put your iPad to sleep when you close it. That way you are able to conserve your iPad’s battery life as much as possible. You can recharge your keyboard with the USB cable provided, however you probably won’t need to for a while since it can last up to 3 months average on a full charge.

The Logitech Keyboard Folio for the iPad will launch in both the United States and Europe in April 2013. You can purchase one for $99.99. The Keyboard Folio for the iPad Mini will launch in May 2013, for a cheaper price of $89.99. The Logitech Keyboard Folio will be available in Pink, Yellow, Blue or Black. You can find out more about the Keyboard Folio in the source link below.

[via Logitech]

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