Livestream update frees GoPro from PC shackles

JC Torres - Oct 7, 2014, 7:10 am CST
Livestream update frees GoPro from PC shackles

What’s more exhilarating than watching a death-defying GoPro action camera footage taken yesterday or even just earlier today? Why, watching a death-defying GoPro action camera footage as it happens, of course. An update to the Livestream iOS app has just made that possible, removing the computer from the live streaming equation. All you need now is a GoPro Hero and an iPhone.

GoPro is the go-to brand of stunt artists, amateur action sports photographers, and hobbyists. Streaming live from a GoPro camera is certainly possible but it comes with a rather hefty requirement: a computer. While in some cases that might not be a problem, when you’re plummeting from a height of 7,000 feet, it becomes nigh impossible.

Enter Livestream, an app that was originally designed to be a YouTube for lives streaming on iPhones and iPads. The latest update to the app practically replaces the iPhone’s camera with the eye of a GoPro Hero, allowing the thrills of a once in a lifetime stunt or moment to be captured from the viewpoint of the actor and seen live as it happens across the Internet. You can even add your quintessential video filters if you so wish, to add to the drama of the moment.

There are still some hard requirements, however, which are necessary for Livestream to work its magic. The first is that the iPhone (or iPad) that will be streaming the footage must have a 4G connection itself, which is really a no-brainer. The other requirement is that, since Livestream connects the iPhone to the GoPro’s ad-hoc WiFi network, the two devices must be in range, which, in some cases, might mean putting the iPhone right in the middle of the action as well. But as we’ve seen in this torture test of the iPhone 6 Plus, that might not be a scary thought at all.

SOURCE: Livestream

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