iPhone 6 Plus survives 7,000-foot drop torture

JC Torres - Sep 25, 2014, 4:59am CDT
iPhone 6 Plus survives 7,000-foot drop torture

You may ridicule it for its size or its bending abilities, but the iPhone 6 Plus will not fail you even if you accidentally drop it while sky diving. This is what Richard Ryan, mobile device torturer extraordinaire, discovered for himself in the latest “test”, if you could still call it that, of Apple’s largest smartphone to date.

Richard Ryan, who goes by RatedRR on the Interwebs, has already subjected the iPhone 6 Plus to numerous cringe-worthy tortures, including dipping in liquid nitrogen then hitting with a sledghammer, spinning inside a blender, and shooting with a 50 caliber firearm. You’d think he, or the iPhone 6 Plus, had enough. But why stop at ground-level experiments when you can take it to new heights. Literally.

In a wingsuit jump (flying squirrrels!) of between 7,000 to 12,000 feet, Ryan dropped the iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, he first enabled Find My iPhone to be able to locate it later on. But just in case it does fall to its timely death, he attached a backup GPS beacon as well. Apparently, though, that was not necessary, as the smartphone did survive, depending on your definition of survive. The thing still worked, which is how Ryan was able to find it via Apple’s location service. The screen, however, was unsurprisingly broken, as it fell flat on its face. Perhaps some sapphire glass would have helped.

That culminates Richard Ryan’s six days of tests. Yes, six days of torturing the already maligned iPhone 6 Plus, not to mention obliterating all but two of them. But in case you think that on the seventh day Ryan rested, better think again. He is mulling over doing a bonus seventh test for rather sadistic viewers to enjoy. We wish you the best of luck, iPhone 6 Plus!


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