Live from Qualcomm CES 2012 keynote

Chris Burns - Jan 10, 2012
Live from Qualcomm CES 2012 keynote

It’s the second official morning of CES 2012 and we’re all set and seated at Qualcomm’s keynote presentation, ready here to bet a heaping helping of chip news galore. What we’re going to see is everything from “breakthroughs” as they say in Consumer Electronics to their sales figures from the past year – we’re hoping to see some surprises in device form, as well. We’re also expecting some news in the form of Snapdragon GameCommand, as re-revealed earlier this month.

We’ll be seeing Dr Paul Jacobs presenting in a set of talks about Qualcomm and their partnering OeM partners over the next hour or so. Stick with us via our several CES portals: [CES 2012] for all news related to CES 2012 and [CES LIVE] for all of our in-person news including but not limited to hands-on photos and videos, event announcements, and the like!

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