Lightform device details from the company's CEO

Yesterday we brought you a brief rundown of what Lightform was and will be, and today we've got a few more bits and pieces from the company's CEO. Lightform is a company and a device – the device works with a projector to scan any environment and project light into that environment unique to that environment. This sort of technology has existed in the past, but with Lightform, it's being prepared for the everyday average consumer.

We asked Lightform's CEO Brett Jones how the device will be sold – will it be bundled with a projector? Will it be sold on its own, and if so, which projectors work with the device? "Lightform works with any projector. It works with $200 pico projectors for tabletop scenes, or $120K projectors for projecting onto buildings," said Jones. "[With regard to bundling:] we are not releasing these details yet."

When we first laid eyes on the technology Lightform is working with, it was being used on big-name projection projects. Have a peek at the Bot & Dolly Box and Microsoft's Illumiroom to get an idea of what Lightform's worked on before. Now the work that went into those projects has been applied to Lightform, and it's meant to be used by both professionals and hobby users.

"We are designing Lightform's software to be accessible to anyone. If you can use Photoshop, you can use Lightform," said Jones. "We are a prosumer tool, designed for consumers and businesses alike. We are targeting designers who create physical spaces (interior designers, architects, AV companies), and also targeting individual makers who want to create things with projected light. We use the analogy of DSLRs: we are not a novelty consumer electronics device, we are a creative tool for people to make magic."

What will the consumer get when they buy a Lightform, and when can they expect to be able to get a device? "The Lightform device is both a camera and a computer, and comes with a suite of content creation tools and plugins," said Jones. "[The device is] higher priced than just a depth sensor, but cheaper than most laptops, [and] we are launching this summer."

Stick around SlashGear to learn more about Lightform and eventually see it in action up close and personal.