LifeLogger wearable camera aims to Google your real life

Chris Davies - May 13, 2014
LifeLogger wearable camera aims to Google your real life

A new wearable camera aims to not only document your day but pick out why it was special, with LifeLogger using face, text, and voice detection among other things to effectively offer Google for your real life. Unveiled back at CES in January, and launching a Kickstarter campaign today, the gum-stick scale camera is worn on a headband and shoots 720p 30fps video along with 5-megapixel stills.

Up to eight hours of footage can be recorded, with the WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled camera also supporting live-streaming to the web or mobile apps. In addition, there’s GPS for embedding positioning data, so those watch the stream will be able to see where you are as well as which direction you’re pointing on the map.

Footage and stills are transferred either via USB or over WiFi, and there’s a companion LifeLogger app that handles uploads, shows battery and wireless status, triggers remote recording, and gives access to recorded content.


Bursts of up to ten photos per second, or time-lapse photos of up to one per minute, are also supported, and the camera has a 32GB memory card preloaded.

Small cameras aren’t new, though, but what LifeLogger aims to do with footage uploaded to its cloud does make it different from other wearable startups we’ve seen. Using a combination of face detection, optical character recognition, voice recognition, and GPS logging, the system scans through and picks out key moments as well as allowing you to search by face or text on road signs or billboards.

For instance, you could pick a friend’s face from a thumbnail gallery, and be shown all the incidences where the camera spotted him. Alternatively, you can search by text in overheard conversations, or track footage along the GPS trail you’ve left behind.


It’s still early days for the system, LifeLogger admits, but from what we saw at our CES demo it’s an interesting approach. All too often, wearable cameras suck in data but don’t give the tools to understand it, so we’re keen to see how the platform develops.

LifeLogger is aiming for $150,000 in crowdsourced funding, and assuming that’s met is aiming to ship the wearable camera by the end of the year. Backers can get a device on the $169 tier or above, which also includes three months of cloud storage (up to 25GB) and metadata processing.

SOURCE Kickstarter

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