LG's $20,000 TV: A 4K bargain?

LG has priced up its vast 84-inch 4K TV, aiming to have the monstrous set in select stores come October. The huge new model – which delivers four times the resolution of a regular 1080p HD TV – will be priced at $19,999.99; that's expensive on the face of things, yes, but in the grand scheme of 4K TV it's something of a bargain.

In contrast, Sony's 4K monster, the 84X900, has been priced at $25,000, with the Japanese company accepting preorders ahead of December deliveries. The two companies aren't the only firms to be flirting with 4K; despite the fact that actual content to enjoy on them is sparse, all of the big TV manufacturers are seemingly planning to jump into the new "premium" segment.

LG's model specifically supports 3D on its 3840 x 2160 panel, and has Smart TV functionality for on-demand streaming media and apps. That's pretty much what you'd expect for $20,000, however; LG is yet to say how many of the sets it has sold in South Korea, where it has already been available for a short period.

One alternative to 4K TVs is projectors. Models offering 4K resolution but working with a drop-down project screen rather than a huge, fixed display are already on the market, and could offer more of a space compromise for those desperate for pixels but without the cathedral-like living room to accommodate.