LG Optimus G hits Europe "enhanced and improved"

This week the LG Optimus G hits Europe in several markets it's never been available in before with a collection of feature upgrades that'll make it the most enticing device it's ever been. Though the LG Optimus G has already launched in several markets around the world – including in the USA (see our full LG Optimus G review now!) – this launch will place the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro-toting smartphone in Sweden, France, Germany, and Italy as well. This version of the device will also be working with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 right out of the box.

With this version of Jelly Bean, the LG Optimus G will be nearly up to the newest edition of the Android operating system currently available on the market. The only devices available with more advanced software from Google are the Nexus 7 from ASUS and Google Nexus 4 – also made by Google. Incidentally, the Nexus 4 is built with the same design foundation as the LG Optimus G, having many of the same features both inside and out.

The LG Optimus G launching in the European markets listed above will be working with enhanced features in its software build unique to the LG family. One of the biggest additions is an enhanced QSlide function – here allowing users to operate more than one app at a time with transparent screen layers. That's one app on top of another, operating at the same time – weird stuff!

Another update in this release of the LG Optimus G is in Safety Care. With this upgrade you'll see Safety Care providing pre-designated users information about the device's physical location when certain emergency situations arise. This can be used for those that are forgetful and need a reminder of the device's location (this activating after prolonged periods without use), with an emergency service is dialed, or when you've completed a call with a designated contact.

Privacy Keeper for hiding caller information, Google Now (with its newest edition up now), Filmstrip View (for galleries), and Expandable Notifications will also be available for this new release. Pricing and exact release dates will be coming soon – for now have a peek at the timeline below with more LG Optimus G information than you can handle!