LG G5 subjected to bend and burn tests

Everyone is concerned that their smartphones last as long as possible. People also don't want to buy a device and then find out its junk after plunking down hundreds of dollars. We have seen plenty of bending tests for smartphones in the last few years, they aren't uncommon at all these days. Not too long ago we saw the Nexus 6P fail during a bend test and we have seen the iPhone 6s Plus withstand bending very well.

This time out we have the LG G5 as it gets put through bend, scratch, and burn tests. The bending and scratching tests make lots of sense but I don't think the risk of catching your smartphone on fire is particularly high for most of us. The scratch test is up first and since the device uses Gorilla Glass 4, it scratches at a hardness level of seven.

UPDATE: See our article LG G5 is metal – seriously it really, really is.

The tester says that is on par with other smartphones on the market. The camera lens is highly scratch resistant. The back of the smartphone is coated in plastic and is easily scratchable as is the fingerprint scanner. The entire device is housed in plastic making it feel very cheap by comparison to other high-end devices on the market.

The G5 didn't stand up well to the flame test with pixels turning off after three second of heat. Just don't roast your smartphone and you should be ok on this front. The g5 survives the bend test without snapping in half. However, the removable battery cover on the end of the phone did flex significantly. Despite the flexing, it never broke off during the bend test but certainly doesn't look good after bending. The smartphone should survive life in your back pocket.