LG G5 SE name trademarked, could be a G5 special edition

Apple is always on the lookout for every market that it can find to tap into. This is what led the company to trot out the iPhone SE, essentially a hardware updated iPhone 5S. Only time will tell if the iPhone SE proves to be a popular device, but with Apple making a move with an older design, you can bet other firms will copy. This appears to be the exact case with LG; the company has filed a trademark in Korea for the name LG G5 SE.

It's hard to say for sure if LG is simply copying Apple here because the trademark was filed back in December of last year, which was before the iPhone SE was launched. The coincidence seems too big to be just that, so there is the chance that LG simply heard a rumor or had some info that had leaked out of Cupertino. Apple has a hard time keeping the lid on things these days with rumors and leaks rampant.

The early rumors about the iPhone SE called the device the iPhone 6C. Other than the LG G5 SE name leaking, we have no idea what hardware any smartphone using the name might carry. With the iPhone SE being a modestly priced device with updated internals, it's easy to expect LG to do the same thing but we simply don't know at this point. Another LG G5 SE trademark was filed March 29.

If you are curious about the LG G5 smartphone that could spawn this LG G5 SE device, we have a full review of the device for you to peruse. We have also spent lots of hands-on time with the iPhoen SE and have a full review of that smartphone for you to check out.

SOURCE: PocketNow