LG G5 Friends get priced in the UK

Android users in the US eagerly awaiting their newest flagship in the form of the LG G5 will be able to get their hands on the device in just over a week. But what's also been on their minds is the availability and pricing of the phone's modular accessories, dubbed LG Friends. We've known the general pricing range for some of the items, such as the LG 360 Cam, a 360-degree VR-ready camera expected for around $200, but the official UK pricing for four of the accessories has been announced, giving a better idea of what we'll be coughing up at the register.

First is the LG Cam Plus, which is likely to be the most in-demand Friend for the LG G5. Fortunately it looks like it will also be the most affordable, as the extended battery will be priced at £69 ($97) when it debuts in the UK on April 8th. In addition to providing more grip, the Cam Plus also gives photographers access to physical camera controls.

Next is the LG Hi-Fi Plus (with B&O Play), an audio converter that includes its own amp, improving the quality of music when paired with quality headphones or connected to an external sound system. This will also be available in the UK starting April 8th, at a price of £149 ($210).

The previously mentioned LG 360 Cam, which features two 13-megapixel sensors and three directional microphones, is priced at £199 ($280). The small camera records 360-degree video that can be shared and watched on YouTube, or with the G5's other Friend, the LG 360 VR.

Hands-on with LG G5 & its modular Friends

The 360 VR is a small visor-like headset that connects with the smartphone via USB, and can play videos from other devices capable of recording 360-degree video, in addition to the 360 Cam. The 360 VR is also priced at £199, however both it and the 360 Cam don't yet have concrete release dates.

It's important to note that all the UK prices here include Europe's VAT (value-added tax), which will likely play a part in adjusted prices for the US market. If these prices are accurate of what we'll see, it's more likely the 360 Cam will be closer to $250 than $200 for release on our side of the ocean.