LG DVS450H 'floating' DVD player reviewed: stylish and capable

LG's surprisingly slick DVS450H "floating" DVD player may not have Blu-ray high-definition, but it does pack DVD upscaling, DivX playback and a nifty motorized tray door.  Now, courtesy of Reg Hardware, we know it also packs some decent video quality too.  Unlike many "fashion" products, the DVS450H actually backs up its looks with solid performance.

Aside from occasional difficulty getting a disc into the player when mounted on the wall (it can also sit flat or upright on a desk, using the integrated stand) and some moderately small buttons on the remote control, the DVS450H proved straightforward to use, with bright and clear on-screen menus.  As well as upscaling standard-definition DVDs via HDMI to 1080p, which it did with aplomb, it can also play DivX files stored on an attached USB hard-drive.

Given the current reluctance of the mainstream public to invest in Blu-ray hardware and content, what might have seemed like a strange idea initially – "make the DVD player look top of the line rather than be so" as we said at its launch – is now making far more sense.  Especially when you take into account the price: just £130/$240.