LG DVS450H is stylish but standard-definition

Brenda Barron - Sep 5, 2008
LG DVS450H is stylish but standard-definition

With Blu-ray players slowly taking on the market and their prices coming down to more affordable levels, LG has opted to go the standard-def route. And while that may seem counterintuitive, they’ve offered up a unique design that is sure to catch the attention of consumers looking for something new but who are still a bit leery about the whole Blu-ray thing.

The DVS450H is definitely stylish and you can use it in any direction. Lay if flat, prop it upright or mount it on the wall and it will still play. The whole idea behind the design is to match up with the flat-panel TVs of today. Seems a bit funny to just make the DVD player look top of the line rather than be so, but that’s another story.

Rather than having a slide-out tray like most players, this one has a sliding door that, once opened, reveals where you place the DVDs. 5 touch buttons add to the overall appeal and there’s even a hidden LCD display so as to not mar the glossy black finish that otherwise dominates the device. It does support DivX HD, Xvid-H formats and 1080p through HDMI. You can get this LG for your very own come October for about $238.

[via OhGizmo!]

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