LG Display brings rollable OLED newspaper to CES 2016

LG Display said it was pumping $8.7bn into OLED development, and some of the early fruits of that investment at showing up at CES this week. The company might not have a wide range of products commercially available with the prototype and proof-of-concept screens, but it is looking across more than just living rooms and smartphones for where the panels will be used.

That includes the 30R 18-inch rollable OLED above, which can be furled up like a digital newspaper, and larger versions like a 55-inch OLED TV that offsets the electronics to a separate part so to keep the screen itself paper-thin.

Over in cars, meanwhile, LG Display expects LCD to gain a greater foothold in the dashboard. The company is showing off a 25-inch "waterfall" curved LCD, for instance, that can hug the contours of the center console, while a new 10.3-inch panel works with gloved fingers.

The same Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology – which is already used in smartphone displays – is going to be brought over to notebooks as well, with LG Display bringing an 11.6-inch 2-in-1 and a 23-inch touchscreen monitor to demonstrate it.

In fact, the regular TVs – in both LCD and OLED flavors – almost seem dull by comparison, though they're certainly not lacking in size. Earlier today, LG announced plans to launch a 98-inch 8K TV in the second half of 2016.