LG BL20 entry-level Black Label Chocolate phone outed

A third LG BL-series cellphone looks to be on the way, according to data teased out of a leaked XML file on the company's site.  The third in the new Black Label series – after the BL40 and BL42 – appears to be the LG BL20, an entry-level device with a QVGA 320 x 240 display and hardware keypad.

Other specifications are scarce, but the XML file does confirm that the BL20 has three softkeys together with GSM/UMTS 3G connectivity.  There's no indication of form-factor, but given that the BL40 is a large-format touchscreen handset and BL42 a slider, it's been suggested that LG might have a more traditional candybar shape in mind for the BL20.

[via PhoneArena]