LG 23-inch 3D LCD is world's brightest [Video]

LG have unveiled a 23-inch LCD monitor which, the company claims, could pave the way for low-cost 3D computing and entertainment.  The full-HD 1080p panel uses traditional time-sequential split-image technology to offer individual views of each image for each eye, which the brain combines into a 3D whole.  However, by integrating this 3D technology into the panel itself, LG can make the panel brighter and reduce the complexity in the accompanying viewing glasses.Video demo after the cut

While some systems require complete glasses with LCD shutters, LG's 3D monitor uses standard polarizing specs that are far less expensive.  As for brightness, that's said to be twice that of standard 3D LCD displays, with the 23-inch panel actually the world's brightest such 3D screen.

No word on when we could expect to see commercial displays based on the LG 3D system, but they're promising further development which we'd assume would result in a production model.  Rival systems already on sale, such as the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision, rely on more complex glasses which add to cost if more than one user wants to experience 3D.

[via Electronista]