CES 2009: GeForce 3D Vision ads a new dimension to PC gaming

Today NVIDIA took the time to show us one amazing product that still has me awestruck. Little did we know that they would be showing off several demos of the new GeForce 3D Vision glasses. Needless to say it wasn't easy getting me away from the machine.

This is not your standard red and blue 3D crap, rather a full real easy to game with 3D environment. These very user-friendly glasses are easy to setup for even the most novice users. All you need is a sensor just above the keyboard and the wireless glasses along with the display and your ready to go. One thing that we really found odd was the lack of headaches and hurting eyes after playing Left 4 Dead.

For now the 3D glasses only show you 3D effects that go into the monitor with more to come that allows the picture to jump out of the screen at you. You will be able to pick these up soon at $399 for the display and only $199 for the glasses. This won't even dent to pocket book of those who are willing to drop several thousand dollars on a desktop.