Leyio adding iPod sync support to “personal sharing device”

Chris Davies - Aug 12, 2009, 7:49 am CDT
Leyio adding iPod sync support to “personal sharing device”

Leyio are adding iPod synchronization support to their eponymous “personal sharing device“, with an upcoming firmware update expected in September.  The Leyio uses an ultrawideband connection to transfer virtual business cards, images, music and video with other Leyio owners; this new update seems to add the ability to wirelessly transfer AAC files too.

Video demo after the cut

The video shows a user connecting their iPod nano via a USB cable to their Leyio, then picking tracks off the PMP to store to the fingerprint-enabled sharing devices’ 16GB of onboard storage.  Such files can then be “flicked” to other Leyio owners.

Of course, whether you can then play back that file is dependent on what DRM is present.  Encrypted tracks won’t work on another persons’ iPod, unless authorized on your account, so this is only really of use to those people with unprotected files on their PMP.

[via Pocket-lint]

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