Lexus NX outfitted with tires made of real ice

Lexus is working hard to forge a reputation for its art and automotive hybrid projects, first with a car featuring glow-in-the-dark paint that pulsated in rhythm with the driver's heartbeat, and then with a life-size exact replica of a sedan made entirely from cardboard. Oh, and don't forget their whole magnet-powered hoverboard thing. Now the Japanese carmaker is back with its new NX crossover, apparently trying to prove how "cool" it is by outfitting it with wheels and tires carved from actual blocks of ice.

Lexus says it worked with a couple of ice sculpture specialists from the UK on the project, which involved laser-scanning the NX's alloy wheels and Yokohama winter tires. After three months of research and testing, presumably to make sure the ice wheels could support the full weight of the car, the tires were carved from ice by hand.

Now see the Lexus IS made from cardboard

Before the ice wheels were attached, the NX was placed in a chamber to freeze for five full days at a temperature of -22 degrees F (-30 degrees C). This not only resulted in the car being covered in a layer of ice that added to the visual effect of the wheels, but it likely helped prevent the wheels from melting as soon as they were attached to the vehicle.

The wheels had blue LEDs inside, providing that neat glowing effect. After they were attached, Lexus says the frozen NX's engine started on its first try, and the car was able to drive under its own power, albeit very slowly, as shown in the video.