Lenovo's Retro ThinkPad is real - seriously

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Today David Hill from Lenovo confirmed that there is, indeed, going to be a Retro ThinkPad release. This laptop will sport many of the features of ThinkPad notebooks of the past, but here in 2017 it'll have features that can match the current market. According to Hill, this device will be the culmination of the "Retro ThinkPad initiative" he started nearly 2 years ago.

This is the rebirth of the design language spoken first back in 1992 by designer Richard Sapper. This is the push back to a simpler time Lenovo's been speaking of since June of 2015. Back then, the images were conceptualized by Hill and presented with the newest technology of the time. Time-travel 2 years later and some things have changed drastically while others have stayed quite the same.

"For a while now I've been exploring the idea of introducing a very unique ThinkPad model" said Hill back in 2015. "Think of it like stepping into a time machine and landing in 1992, but armed with today's technology." Tap the link above to see what specs this device was armed with according to Hill's vision – then realize that it'll be even better than that.

What Hill's been able to confirm as of today is that, first of all, the Retro ThinkPad does indeed exist. It's a product that'll be released in the near future, and there are development hardware samples in the physical world today. "The product will embody many of the things people asked for."

"It has a wonderful black rubberized coating, three TrackPoint caps, and a keyboard to die for," said Hill. He added that the 5000-dollar rumor is not true, suggesting that it'll very likely cost significantly less than that. Have a peek at the timeline below to see the other points at which this device appeared in the recent past.