Lenovo’s Google Tango phone released for sale with one tiny caveat

Chris Burns - Nov 1, 2016, 11:10 am CDT
Lenovo’s Google Tango phone released for sale with one tiny caveat

The first smartphone with Google Tango hardware and software is now available from Lenovo. This release is long awaited, the phone having appeared in February of 2016. Back then, in Barcelona, the company only had images of the smartphone available to see. Now in November of 2016 Lenovo has the device ready for shipment.

Perhaps the strangest bit about this phone is its Preinstalled Software. Lenovo suggests that their preinstalled software “varies depending on region,” but what’s listed is as follows. Netflix is on the smartphone with SwiftKey (for its keyboard) and McAfee Security.

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It does not seem that Lenovo has dealt with McAfee to install their security app on the Phab 2 Pro because of Tango. The same app comes preinstalled on the non-Pro version of the smartphone. The same is true of both SwiftKey and Netflix – though I view those apps as much smaller offenders.

McAfee Security is an app that is not made necessary by Google. Tango does not need it, nor does Google Play Services. As such, we’re hoping for the best when it comes to our ability to uninstall it when the device arrives.

Above you’ll see a set of iterations of the device Lenovo made in concert with Google’s software. This Lenovo phone runs Android, but it also has a collection of unique software bits for Tango. Each Google Tango device must have a specific hardware and software to function proper.

Below is a set of photos of the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro in its final hardware glory. This device is now available from Lenovo online only. It is not yet clear whether Google will also offer the device for sale as it did its first version of Tango hardware. Up until now, Google has only had developer-aimed Tango hardware available.

This device is available from Lenovo for $500, while the non-Tango version costs $200. As of now, Lenovo does not seem to be aiming to get this device carried by any mobile carrier. As it is a sort of enthusiast device, you can be safe in assuming it’ll remain at Lenovo’s store as an exclusive.

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