Lenovo U1 Hybrid not dead after all: Android resurrection tipped

Having disappointed hybrid smartbook fans with the apparent news that the U1 Hybrid and Skylight had been canned, Lenovo now seem to be hinting at a potentially different direction for their eye-catching hardware.  TabletPCReview sat down with the company at a recent press event, and found the Lenovo team were talking about new Android builds for the U1 Hybrid and Skylight that implied the devices would, indeed, see an eventual release.

In fact, the real casualty of recent months seems not to have been so much the hardware Lenovo demonstrated at CES back in January, but the Skylight OS they developed themselves.  Instead, they're jumping with both feet into Android – prompted by their success with Android-based smartphones in China – and are claiming that the practical experience they've had with the Google OS means a U1-specific build won't need to be created from scratch and, therefore, will be quicker.

Exactly how quick, however, is unknown.  Still, we're hoping it means that we can expect some removable-screen action after all, and we're keeping our fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later.

Lenovo U1 Hybrid hands-on:

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