Lenovo ThinkPad X200: battery life ‘especially impressive’

Chris Davies - Jul 31, 2008, 7:32am CDT

The road is clear for Lenovo’s X200 ultraportable now that Intel have officially announced the Centrino 2 platform, and Crave is one of the first to get the 12.1-inch widescreen notebook in to review.  Right now we’ll have to be sated with some first-impressions and comparisons with previous Lenovo laptops, but there’s enough promise to keep X200 pre-order customers keen.

The keyboard looks to be another winner for the company, being that of the 14 and 15-inch ThinkPads transplanted onto the X200’s smaller chassis.  Certainly more room than the X61s, the 4:3 aspect screen of which led to truncated keys.

“The ThinkPad X200 nicely rounds out Lenovo’s ultraportable offerings: while it lacks a built-in optical drive, its smaller footprint, slightly lighter weight, and lower price will appeal to frequent business travelers and the budget-conscious” Michelle Thatcher, Crave

Battery life is a promising “especially impressive” and in all Crave seem impressed.  They’re promising the full review once retail pricing is confirmed.

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