Quanta Looks To iPhone Style Computer To Spur Growth

It's easy to see why manufacturers are rushing to launch devices that look and feel like the iPhone. The iPhone is massively popular and quickly became one of the top smartphones on the market globally with only a few carriers offering the device. Quanta has plans to maintain its growth and they involve an iPhone-like computer.

BusinessWeek reports that the company is looking to develop a computer similar to the iPhone, which presumably means a tablet with no physical keyboard. Tablets are driving lots of speculation recently with several breaking cover at CES and Apple long rumored to be getting one ready.

Interestingly Quanta actually builds gear for Apple and makes stuff for other PC makers as well. Quanta founder Barry Lam said, "We are looking for joint ventures with some companies that are already successful in the market — if they need some financial investment — as a strategic partner." This isn't the first time Quanta has eyed the MID/tablet market. It planned a Moorestown MID for this year and then later backed off citing lack of interest.