Lenovo ThinkPad roadmap leak: Calpella figures strong in January 2010

Considering a new Lenovo ThinkPad in the next nine months?  You'll be interested in the latest leaked notebook roadmap from the company, then, which tips such delights as the Lenovo ThinkPad T400 – which we last saw being run over by a 26k pound truck – as dropping in mid-July, plus a storm of new Intel Calpella-based machines arriving in early 2010.

Machines from the X, T, W, SL and SLc ranges will all get new Calpella variants, taking advantage of the chipset's integrated memory controller and CPU, together with support for WiMAX together with WiFi b/g/n.  Calpella was first expected to arrive in 2009, but earlier this year we heard that Intel had delayed its launch schedule based on market demand and inventory of existing Montevina chips.

If you can't wait that long, and the T400 doesn't appeal, there are new SL and SLc notebooks coming from Lenovo based on Montevina and the GM45 chipset in August and October.  No word on specific specifications yet, though.