Lenovo Lephone getting 2H 2010 launch outside China

Lenovo's Lephone was a surprise hit from CES 2010, and just as we hoped at the time it's not just the Chinese market that will get to enjoy it.  As well as confirming that Google's recent spat with the Chinese government (and the delay of a couple of Android devices there, too) won't affect the Lephone's launch, Lenovo have also announced that they will be bringing the Android handset to overseas markets in the second half of 2010.

The Lephone has a 3.7-inch 480 x 800 touchscreen with a touch-control panel underneath, a WCDMA radio, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, along with two cameras: a 3MP shooter on the back and a VGA one up-front for video calls.  There's also a clever keyboard/case accessory which is rather fetching.  Unfortunately we still don't know when the Snapdragon-based smartphone will even land in China – Lenovo originally said sometime during the first-half of 2010 – never mind which countries the Lephone might travel to next.

[via Android Community]