Leica S2 DSLR priced: $26k for body-only; lenses from $5k

It's turning into quite the day of DSLRs, but if you thought Nikon's $1800 D300S was expensive, how about a Leica that starts at over $26k?  The company have announced pricing for their 2009 S-System line-up, and as you might expect for a 37.5-megapixel DSLR body it's a costly prospect.  Leica will make two versions of the S-System body, the standard S2 and the S2-P which adds a sapphire glass display and "Platinum Service" support package.

The Leica S-System S2 is priced at £15,996 ($26,277) while the S2-P comes in at £19,092 ($31,362).  For that, you get a 30mm x 45mm sensor which is 56-percent larger than full-frame, all in a 35mm-sized body. 

Unfortunately, what you don't get is a lens, so expect to budget between £3,096 ($5,086) and £5,160 ($8,476) for one of Leica's accompanying lenses. More images, including of the lenses, here.  The system will launch in the UK come October.

[via DPReview]