LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales Interview Part I: Thank The Maker!

This month we've had the opportunity to speak with Michael Price, the writer behind the animated movie mini-series "LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales." In this series of 5 features, our favorite golden droid C-3PO retells the entire first 6 episodes of Star Wars film history. Our Q&A session with Price starts with a question of intent and audience. Who was this super entertaining mini-series combination of Star Wars and LEGO originally aimed at? Who was the original intended audience, and who might eventually end up enjoying it?

Everything you see below this sentence and above the dotted line was transcribed from a Q&A session we had with Price this month. Stick around as we continue to release the whole series over the course of the next few days! If you've not seen LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales, behold the following trailer and be sure to catch the whole series on Disney XD and (eventually) in a store near you!

Michael Price: "My intended audience for the Star Wars shows going back to the very first Star Wars show we did, [LEGO Star Wars:] The Padawan Menace has been on at least two levels – maybe three. The first level is: we're aimed at kids."

"Kids who do not maybe even know Star Wars very well, and enjoy LEGO, and want to have a good time."

"That's where our visual humor comes in, and the fun of seeing the characters fly around in the LEGO ships, and build things."

"On top of that, we're also aiming for their parents, who – more likely than not – will be watching the show with them. So the somewhat more sophisticated humor and jokes are aimed at keeping the parents involved."

"And thirdly – because I'm a giant Star Wars nerd, the humor and the shows are also aimed at the giant Star Wars nerds."

"So again, going back to that very first show from five years ago, the Padawan Menace, up through and including Droid Tales, I've always tried to fit in as many references, parodies, little satires, satirical takes on some... issues in the Star Wars that I find funny, or I find confusing, or sometimes make me a little aggravated. And those are the extra levels of humor that we try to put in."

"As far as Droid Tales itself is concerned, we again had sort of a 2-fold mission statement. Our main mission was to create a series of LEGO shows that essentially re-told and re-capped the original Star Wars movies, also did a little bit of touching on the Rebels series, and also do a little bit of touching on the Clone Wars."

"In a way that sort of familiarizes or introduces young kids to the Star Wars saga, and the characters, in case they haven't ever seen Star Wars, and gets them ready, hopefully, for wanting to see Episode 7: The Force Awakens."

"The second part of that mission was again aiming at the parents and the Star Wars fans, to maintain the same level of LEGO humor that we used in the earlier shows – which actually is a sort of brand of all LEGO entertainment, like The LEGO Movie, and the new LEGO Batman movie, and everything LEGO, the LEGO video games – which is a spirit of playfulness and fun and whimsy – which is something that both kids and their adult parents and grown-up fans of Star Wars could enjoy."

Remember, Star Wars and LEGO fans: this is just one of a series of questions which Price has answered for us about the LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales series – hit our Star Wars tag portal and the timeline below for more!